Things To Consider Before Having Your Galvanized Roof Painted

If your galvanized metal roof is looking a bit tired, you can easily rejuvenate its appearance by having your contractor add a few coats of paint to it. In addition to freshening up its appearance, a fresh coat of paint can also add to your metal roof’s overall durability. However, there are a few things you’ll need to consider when having your galvanized metal roof painted. Does It Need Extensive Prep Work?

Spot Problems With Your Shingles Before Your Furniture Gets Wet

Roofing problems are a scary thing. While they take a while to develop, this can also make them easy to miss. Rather than doing the repairs when it would be quick and easy, forgetting to inspect your roof regularly can put you into a position where leaks start damaging the interior of your home. Dark Patches There are a couple of reasons that dark patches could appear on your roof, and they should both be cause for concern.

How to Prepare for Commercial Roofing Materials Delivery

If you are the general manager of a commercial facility, it is usually your responsibility to ensure the safety of all the employees, contractors, and visitors on the property. You are also responsible for the facility and grounds. You likely already have safety strategies to prevent personal injury and property damage during day-to-day activities. But what about during special conditions, especially roof renovation projects? While roofing companies are responsible for the training and use of fall protection equipment for their roofers, it’s important for site owners and managers to provide a safe workplace environment and prevent property damage.

Short And Long-Term Solutions To Ice Dam Formation On Residential Roofs

Have you noticed a growing mountain of ice and icicles at the edge of your roof? As pretty as this ice formation may be, it’s not a good thing. It’s known as an ice dam, and its presence can be detrimental to your roof, causing shingles to loosen and leaks to appear. If you notice an ice dam, it’s important to take action – not only to temporarily solve the problem, but also to keep it from occurring again.

Putting The Roof Over Your Head (Safely)

Roofing is often viewed as relatively unskilled home construction craftsmanship. After all, it only requires a ladder, a nail gun, and a little sweat equity, right? This misconception is one of the reasons why so many homeowners choose to tackle roofing projects themselves. What they often do you not know, however, is that roofing is far from simple and that it can be very dangerous if not performed with the help of licensed and skilled roofing contractors.

3-Step Guide For Using Homemade Solutions To Remove Rust And Moss On Your Home's Tin Roof

If your home has an old tin roof, you may notice areas with rust and moss growing on it. Although you want to restore your roof’s appearance, you may be hesitant about using chemicals to clean it. Below is a three-step guide for using homemade solutions to remove the rust and moss made from ingredients that can be found in grocery stores, pharmacies, and department stores. Step 1:  Treat The Rust With White Distilled Vinegar And Lemon Juice

The Use Of Solar Tiles In Residential Roofs

The use of solar panels on existing properties is a pursuit that divides opinions. Some people think their futuristic look is a welcome addition in our high-tech era, and that the power generating capability of these panels heavily outweighs any aesthetic concerns. Others believe that the photovoltaic panels look rather odd on an otherwise traditional structure, and that they take away from the home’s overall feel. As such, surely there must be a way to capture the immense potential of light energy whilst keeping intrusiveness to a minimum?

3 Questions To Help Choose The Best Home Siding For You

Choosing new siding for your home is exciting because it gives you a chance to give your home a facelift. There are tons of differing types of siding materials, however, so how do you pick the right one for your preferences? These three questions will help guide you in making your decision. What Is Your Budget? When remodeling a home, everyone has a budget, but some are larger than others. So start by determining how much you can and want to spend on siding.

8 Benefits Of Using Green Roofs In Urban Areas

A green roof, also known as a rooftop garden or vegetative roof, is a roof consisting of a waterproofing membrane covered by a growing medium and live vegetation. The type of plant used to cover a green roof depends on the amount of growing medium used, the climate, and the accessibility of the roof. Green roofs are especially popular in urban areas where it is difficult to find ground space to plant vegetation.