4 Signs Of Hail Damage To The Roof

Hail damage to the roof of your home can be devastating, which is why it’s important to recognize the signs so that it can be repaired right away because it causes more extensive problems. Luckily, there are plenty of noticeable signs you can see from on the ground, so you don’t have to hire a professional to come in for an inspection every time it hails. Here are four signs that you probably have hail damage:

Water Damage And Your Roof: 3 Tips To Help Find Leaks And Repair Them

Leaks that go unattended to on your roof cause a lot of problems. As the water begins to find its way into your home, water damage leads to mold and serious structural problems. It is important to have the leaks and small repairs done when they are needed to avoid these problems. Here are a few maintenance tips that will help you prevent leaks on your metal roof: Inspecting Your Roof for Leaks in Areas That Are Prone to Problems

3 Important Things To Do After A Storm Damages Your Roof

Do you live in an area where strong storms are commonplace? Do you know what to do if such a storm damages the roof of the home that you’re living in? Even if you’re completely prepared, storm damage can be devastating. Knowing what to do can help to mitigate the effects of the storm damage and get your home back into shape as quickly as possible. Some of the first things that you should do after a damaging storm include:

3 Areas Of Roof Penetrations And Flashings That Will Need Maintenance And Repairs

The roof of your home is full of penetrations, flashing and other materials that are not part of the roofing. These systems have boots, fasteners and water barriers to help stop leaks. These are also some of the areas where you are most likely to have leaks develop. Here are some tips that will help you take care of areas with penetrations, flashing and fasteners: 1. What to Do When Vent Boots Wear Out and Crack

Bought an Older Commercial Building? Tips to Fix up the Exterior for Your Business

If you purchased an older commercial building for your business, you should take time to fix it up before you open your doors. Start with the exterior, as this is the first thing people see when they drive up to your business. If the exterior does not look good, this will give them a first bad impression of you and your company. Below are two things you can start out with to get your business started.

Solar Roofing, Skylights, And Energy Improvements For Roof Replacement Projects

Replacing roofing is part of common home maintenance, but it is also an investment in your home. When you replace the roof on your home, you may want to consider modern energy improvements, such as adding natural light with skylights or solar panels that are integrated in roofing materials. There are also things like energy efficient underlayments and roofing materials. Here are some of the things that can be done to improve energy consumption in your home with your investment in a roof replacement:

Roofing 101: 4 Tips For Minimizing Storm Damage

The roof of your home is often the first line of defense when it comes to storms. Unfortunately, it’s not as strong as you might think. A heavy storm can easily damage your roof, especially if you aren’t prepared. Luckily, you can minimize storm damage to your roof by taking the appropriate steps to prepare your roof (and property) for the stormy season. So what should you do to minimize storm damage to your roof?

Say No To Mosquitoes

Just when the weather gets nice and you want to start hanging out in your yard, those pesky mosquitoes show up to ruin your fun. This article will give you some great advice on a few of the different ways you can help prevent a lot of mosquitoes from coming into your yard so you can enjoy it the way you want: Make sure you don’t have water collecting anywhere in the yard

Solving A Flat Roof's Drainage Problem

A flat roof’s drainage system is one of the most important components of the roof. This is because it prevents water accumulation, something that usually goes a long way as far as extending the lifespan of a roof. Since a good roof drainage system keeps water from pooling on the roof, it prevents premature rusting of the roof’s fasteners. It also protects the roof from the added weight that water accumulation exerts on the roof.

Find Out If Your Local Roofing Contractor Can Perform These Tasks

When you’ve recently had your home’s roof repaired or replaced by a professional roofing service and you’re happy with the quality of the work, you’ll likely want to use this company again. However, given that the job will have been done properly, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to have the roof repaired again in the immediate future. However, you may be able to hire the company for other jobs if its crews can perform other roof-related services beyond roof repair and replacement.

What's Your Plan? 3 Strategies for Keeping Your Roof in Top Condition

A professionally installed roof should last many years without giving you any trouble. However, that doesn’t mean that you can knock it out of your mind completely. Whether you own a commercial or residential property, keeping your roof in good repair does more than just enhance the aesthetics. It provides a critical layer of protection for protecting all of your assets. Over time, your roof is susceptible to minor wear and tear that compromises its integrity.

How To Design A Deck For A Flat Roof

One of the advantages of having a flat roof is that the extra space can be used for other things. For example, the flat roof can be a location where a deck can be constructed for other activities, such as partying, and it can even be used as an additional spot for a garden.  Build A Structure For The Deck The flat roof is not designed to be walked on frequently.

Spring Is Coming: How To Prepare Your Roof

When the warm spring weather comes, you’ll want to start thinking about how to get your roof ready after the rough winter. This is a great time to do some spring maintenance to keep everything in great condition and fix problems caused by the snow and ice. These are some things you should do. Inspect Your Gutters The winter could have been rough on your gutters. With ice and snow weighing them down, it’s possible that the gutters have now pulled away from your home.

3 Keys For Properly Examining Your Roof This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to inspect your roof; the weather should be nice enough for you to do repairs and it is good way to spot winter wear to your roof. Here are three key areas you want to check as you inspect your roof this spring. #1 Roof Valley One of the areas that you want to focus on are the roof valleys. These are the areas on your roof where the water runs down and the sides meet.

Four Reasons To Upgrade To Spray Foam Insulation In Your Attic

Has the insulation in your attic begun to look a bit discolored and compacted? It’s definitely time to replace it. But while you could just remove the current layer of insulation and roll out a new layer of fiberglass, there is a better option: spray foam. Spray foam insulation has to be applied by a professional, and it is a bit more costly than fiberglass. However, there are many benefits to experience when you upgrade to spray foam.