Know How Your Asphalt Shingles Are Recycled

Have you been considering many different roofing materials, and feel bad about getting asphalt because of concerns of them going into landfills? If so, know that this roofing material can actually be recycled when it is time to tear it off your roof in the future. Here are some ways that asphalt shingles are recycled that you may not be aware of, as well as how to recycle them.

Uses of Recycled Asphalt Shingles

More Asphalt Shingles

Those old asphalt shingles are not going to be used on another home in their deteriorated state, but portions of them can be reused to make new asphalt shingles. The process involved grinding down the old asphalt shingle material until it turns into a fine powder. That powder can then be combined with new materials to create new shingles. The powder helps reduce the cost of the new asphalt roofing material. It also creates a smaller carbon footprint since the material is being recycled, especially when compared to the manufacturing process of new materials.


It's possible for those old asphalt shingles to be used in paving brand-new roads. The asphalt of the old shingles helps offset the asphalt required for new paving material, which is better for the environment. The granules on the shingles also reduce the cost of raw gravel needed as an aggregate in the paving material.

When recycled asphalt is used in paving material, it helps create roadway asphalt that is very strong. There will not be a difference in quality when compared to paving material made with 100% new materials.

How To Recycle Asphalt

Some roofing contractors offer asphalt shingle recycling while others do not. Even if you find a contractor that doesn't offer recycling, know that it is still an option for you. There are many asphalt shingle recycling companies throughout the country that will work with your contractor to take away those old shingles and put them to good use.

Your roofing contractor won't be inconvenienced by the process since they do not even need to remove nails stuck in the old roofing material. Those are pulled out during the recycling process with a powerful magnet. Just make sure to check in advance

Now that you know that asphalt shingles won't automatically go into a landfill, you can move forward with your asphalt shingle roof installation. Find a local contractor like The Roof Doctor in your area that can help you with the material selection and installation.