Winter Roof Preperation

With winter comes that relentless weather that will pound away at the surface of your roof. There are many ways that harsh winter weather can be destructive to your roof, leaving you with many repairs to have taken care of if you haven't been proactive about preparing your roof and staying on top of little repairs as they show up. Here are some tips to follow to make sure your roof is ready for that winter weather.

Look at your ceiling

Why would you look at your ceiling inside your house to see if you have roof problems on the exterior of your home? Because when your roof leaks, that rain water has to go somewhere, and that place is inside of your home, through the ceiling. When the water starts to reach the other side of your ceiling, the result will be dark spots on your ceiling. Also, you can end up with dark spots on your walls, right near where the walls connect to the ceiling.

Look at the roof

Look at your roof for signs of damage. You may see missing shingles, damaged shingles, or damaged flashing. If you don't see signs of this, don't forget to check in your gutters. While you are checking them, you may as well clean them out before all that rain starts coming. In the gutters, you may see granules from your roof, and this is another sign that you should have a residential roofing expert come out to take a better look at the roof because those granules are falling in the gutter from your roof, and this is not a good sign.

Remove leaf piles

If you still have leaf piles on the roof from fall, you need to knock them off the roof. If you don't, then they will collect water when it rains, and the pile will become heavy. It will sit there until warm days come and you will end up with mildew on the roof. Also, if the leaf pile is near the edge of the roof, then it is possible you will start to get water damage in the eaves of the roof. If you start to get water damage, then it will only continue to get worse and more expensive for you to have fixed.

Have a professional inspection done

Even if you don't see damage to the roof yourself, you still want to call out the professionals. A professional roofer will often recognize signs of trouble that you wouldn't catch. They will then be able to take care of the repairs for you, so your roof will be in great shape and ready to take on everything the winter weather brings its way.