Do You Have Some Water Concerns With The Roof? Hidden Problems To Look For Now

If you are living in a house and you suspect that there are some water concerns, act immediately. Water damage that comes in from the roof or around the roof can cause extreme problems to the structure of the property, and it can compromise the quality of your home. Here are some of the things that indicate there are some water concerns with the roof, even though they may not be something that you see when you first look at the house.

Water Damage Around the House Exterior

Water damage doesn't just show on the shingles of the roof. If you are skeptical of water damage, also look in these areas:

  • At the corners of the house for discoloration and mold
  • Watermarks and cracks in the foundation
  • Rotting wood around the chimney and around wood windows or the flashing
  • A smell of must in the attic

Sometimes the signs of water damage aren't completely obvious, and you have to do some more investigating to find out the answers you're looking for.

Water Spots and Mold on Interior Walls 

If you can feel damp spots and mold on the interior walls around the space, and you can smell the must in the air, the water could be coming through the roof into the interior walls. These are issues that need treated right away, and you may have to remove the insulation and replace the drywall. Get the house tested for mold right away if you notice this to be a problem.

Insects That Like Rotting Wood

If you have noticed that you have insects invading the home that like rotting wood, then this could be another sign there is water damage around the home. If there are termites, wood ants, or other insects that enjoy damp or rotting wood, and you find that there is a lot of interior rotting wood that you didn't know about, you have to stop the water from coming in from the roof and get pest control experts into the property.

The roofing experts can let you know where your roof has the most damage, what needs to be repaired to make the roof good again, and how you can move forward with the repairs or with possibly replacing the entire roof. There are a lot of different problems that you have to be concerned about when you have water in the home, so make sure that you have the house inspected if you are worried about the structure being compromised.

For more information, contact a roof company near you.