Is It Time To Replace Your Home's Wood Siding?

Wood siding not only improves your home's appeal; it protects your home from pests and rain. But over time, wood can deteriorate, warp, and rot. To keep your home's integrity intact, you'll need to replace your damaged siding. Here are reasons to replace your deteriorating siding now. 

How Can Damaged Siding Affect Your Home?

Many homeowners moisture-proof their siding before or after they install it on their homes. Moisture-proofed siding may withstand water damage longer than untreated siding. If you didn't moisture-proof your siding in the past, it could already be damaged by water. 

If you look closely at your siding, you may notice small cracks and discoloration in the wood. The cracks can allow rainwater, condensation, and other forms of moisture to soak into the panels. Some of the moisture can soak into the insulation separating your siding's panels from the exterior walls of your house. Brown rot and other types of wood-decaying fungi may show up on the surfaces of the damp wood as well.

You can protect your home from the serious problems above by taking action now.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Siding?

Simply repairing the damaged wood siding on your home isn't enough to keep wood rot at bay. If left untreated, wood-rotting fungi can destroy the structures inside and outside your home. In addition, even seemingly sound siding panels may harbor wood rotting fungi spores in them. You'll need to replace all of your siding to keep your home safe.

A roofing contractor can remove and replace the damaged wood siding, insulation, and other structures on your house for you. A contractor may also add a moisture barrier to your newly placed wood siding to help prevent fungal decay and moisture damage in the future. Some contractors offer vinyl siding as well as wood siding. Vinyl siding is resistant to wood-decaying fungi. So you may consider replacing your wood siding with vinyl instead. 

After a roofer replaces your siding, you'll need to do a few things to keep it in good shape. Always take time to wash off your siding during the year. Choose a cleaning solution that works best for your specific siding. A roofing contractor may advise you on the right type of cleaner to use. If you can't find the time to wash your siding, ask a roofing contractor to help you out. 

For more information about home siding replacement, contact a roofer today.