Roofing Over New Dormer Windows In Your Cape Cod: What To Expect

When your Cape Cod home needs new dormer windows, who do you call? A roofer, or a windows and doors contractor? It is not as though dormer windows are all roof, nor are they your typical windows, but somebody has to  do this job. In actuality, it helps if you start with the roofer because the roofer has to reconstruct the windows' housing and roofing before new windows can be installed. Here is what to expect.

Roof Comes Off

In the first step of this process, the roofing contractor's crew removes all roofing from the dormer window structures and the surrounding roofing area. If the house is rather small, the entire roof may be removed. Then the dormer framework is investigated for structural issues.

Investigate and Repair Dormer Framework

Dormer framework is built right into the roof and attic of your home. Therefore, it is important that the framework be investigated for mold and rot, which might impact the installation of new windows. If there is mold or rot, this has to be removed by a mold remediation specialist. Part of the framework may even need replacing.

Installing the New Windows

Next, your new windows will be installed. A roofer that also does windows may do this, a windows and doors contractor working separately of the roofing company may do this, or a subcontractor working with the roofing contractor may do this. Whoever does the job will finish it in less than a day, and then the roofing contractor resumes his/her part of the job.

Finishing the Roof

You may have noticed from looking at other Cape Cod homes that roofing over dormer windows is nothing like roofing over the rest of the roof. Roofing contractors will typically complete the roofing over the dormers, and then finish the rest of the roof. This is due to the fact that dormers' framework runs perpendicularly to the rest of the roof, and because it is easier to install regular roof shingles over the edges of the shingles of the dormers where they meet the rest of the roof. To complete this part of the project, you can expect another one to three days, based on the size of your roof, the number of dormer windows, and the weather.

All in All

All in all, you can expect to work with a minimum of one contractor and a maximum of three contractors, if mold or rot is discovered. A project like this may take as little as a week, or as long as a month.

Contact a window service for more help.