Home heating is one of the major causes of home fires in the United States. However, this can be avoided, simply by following the recommended standard safety procedures when heating your home. When installing heating equipment in your home, it's always a good idea to consult a heating repair and installation expert to ensure that you've done a proper installation. Once you have installed the heating equipment, the following tips can help you to safely heat your home.


A fireplace provides one of the best heating solutions in our homes. Even when you have spent most of your time outside, a fireplace can warm up your body within a very short period of time. However, you'd hate your time to be interrupted by a trip to the hospital because of the risks associated with fireplaces. Therefore, you need to do the following if you want safely heat your home with a fireplace:

  • Ensure that your chimney has air flow

  • Always ensure that there enough ventilation in the house to allow air to flow up the chimney

  • Don't allow your children to play around the fireplace, especially when it's in use

  • Always keep the chimney well-maintained, and dispose of the ashes properly

  • Get regular chimney inspection to check for stuck debris, flaws with the vents, and other safety hazards


These stoves are good for directly heating a cool space, while others are suitable for roasting and cooking. The following tips can help you to heat your home with a wood-burning stove safely.

  • Always ensure that the stove is installed correctly.

  • Ensure that there is good spacing between the wood-burning stove and the walls, ceiling, and floor.

  • Always use dry wood.

  • Avoid burning trash in the stove

  • It is advisable to use sticks and paper as kindling, and then add firewood once you notice that the smoke is drawing up the chimney.

  • Have an expert inspect and clean the chimney


Many people prefer using space haters because of their affordability and portability. However, space heaters account for more home fires, compared to any other heating source. The following tips can help you to heat your home with a space heater safely:

  • Use modern heaters with smart thermostats

  • Always place the heater in a flat and safe place.

  • The heater should always be turned off when no one is using it.


These heating sources produce the warmth people desire, especially in winter, without the costs and maintenances associated with wood stove or fireplace. The good benefit of these heaters is that they use ethanol, which means that they don't produce carbon monoxide. These tips will allow you to use portable fireplaces in your home safely:

  • Always place portable fireplaces on flat surfaces that are fire-resistant and away from sofas and table edges.

  • Do not allow your kids to operate the heaters.

  • Always wait for the heater to cool down before moving it.

For more information, contact your local chimney inspections team.