Tips For Dealing With Damage To Your Roof After A Severe Storm

During the summer months, severe storms can roll into an area and cause a lot of damage to roofs. Strong winds, hail, and heavy rainfall can all wreak havoc on your roof, so it is important to have storm damage repaired promptly. If your area has experienced a particularly severe storm, use the following tips to help deal with the damage:

Get Your Roof Inspected

If you are not sure that your roof has been damaged after a storm, it is in your best interest to have it inspected by a roofing contractor. Homeowner's insurance typically pays for roof repairs caused by storm damage, but you have a limited amount of time to have the repairs made. Some people do not realize that their roof has been damaged by a storm, thus they do not have repairs made promptly. Roof issues will eventually become apparent, but your insurance policy may not cover repairs if the damage was caused by a storm from last year. A prompt inspection will let you know the state of your roof.

Hire a Local Roofing Contractor

After a major storm, traveling roofing contractors often show up to take advantage of the business. In some cases, these roofing contractors may go door to door offering their services to homeowners. It is not a good idea to hire one of these roofing contractors to make repairs to your roof. Your best bet is to hire a local roofing contractor who has an established business in the area. 

Check for a License

When it comes to something as important as having your roof repaired, working with a licensed roofing contractor is essential. While a licensed roofing contractor may charge more than an unlicensed contractor, he or she will have the skills and expertise needed to make the repairs properly. Do not hesitate to ask a roofing contractor for his or her license number; after you receive the information, contact your state's registrar of contractors to ensure that the license is in good standing.

Look for Quality Materials

Some roofing contractors use low-quality shingles and materials in order to make a larger profit. You do not want to hire this type of roofing contractor to make repairs to your roof after a storm. Before hiring a roofing contractor, as him or her what types of shingles and materials he or she will be using for your roof, and make sure that it is a reputable brand. 

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