In Terms Of Installation Time, Which Home Exterior Projects Are Faster?

Every year, homeowners make the decision to use what little extra money they have to either do something fun (e.g., vacation) or do something necessary for their home (e.g., install vinyl siding, new windows and doors, etc.). Clearly, most people would prefer to do the former, but as a homeowner, you may not be able to choose the vacation all the time. Something will come up to force your hand to do home maintenance or remodeling.

Yet, you do not want your entire summer taken up with a project. You want to figure out how long projects take so that you can plan in advance to complete the project and still have some free time in the summer to do something fun (even if you cannot take a pricey trip). Summer is an excellent time for doing exterior home projects and maintenance. In terms of installation time, here are the quickest to slowest projects to complete and still feel as though you have completed something worthwhile.


Four windows can be installed in an hour to two hours, depending on the number of workers doing the installation and the size of the windows. If you have twelve windows total on your house, that is somewhere between three and six hours, with the work leaning toward about four-and-one-half to five hours. If you have more than ten to twelve windows, it will be a full eight hours or more to complete this job. It is the quickest project to complete, and the most cost-worthy because you get nice, new, energy-efficient windows to keep your house comfortable.


If you only have two doors on your house, it will take about the same amount of time to install two new doors as it does to install six to eight windows. That is because door frames have to be squared up and made straight so that the new doors will effectively close within the door frames. Sometimes the old door frames are removed entirely to accommodate the new door frames and doors. Additionally, more time is needed if you are having fancy window panels installed above or to either side of your front door.

Vinyl Siding

New siding will take a minimum of two full work days. All of the old siding on your home has to be stripped off and placed in a dumpster on your property. The siding is removed from the foundation to the roof, exposing the insulation and exterior walls of your home. If you are also replacing or adding more insulation, add an extra four days to the project completion time for removing old insulation and/or adding more layers of insulation. If your home is especially large, it is wise to estimate a week for siding installation alone, and a week-and-one-half to two weeks for new/extra insulation and siding installation. To learn more about vinyl siding, contact a company like Exterior Home Solutions LLC.


A roof takes the longest because you have to strip off the entire roof to the bare bones and build it up again. The only exception is when roofers drop a metal roof onto the existing shingled roof. The metal roof-over-shingled roof project is about three to six days, depending on weather and the size of the roof. A full-on tear-off and roof replacement requires a lot of time because old materials are heavy and will need to be carefully and slowly removed to reduce injury to the crew. 

Most homeowners do not realize that roofs have several layers. This is why so many homeowners are surprised by the amount of time it takes to complete a roof replacement. There is the basic wood layer, covered by felt and/or rubber layers, followed by the shingles. Every layer has to be secured before the next layer is installed.