Purchasing A Commercial Building? What Information You Can Learn By Having A Roof Inspection Done

When you are purchasing a commercial building, you likely know to have the building inspected. However, during a regular building inspection, the inspector will likely only inspect the roof from the ground. As such, it is important to hire a commercial roofing service to go on the roof and inspect your roof. If this is your first time doing this, you may wonder what information can be learned by having this done. Here is what a roofing service can tell you by inspecting your commercial roof prior to you purchasing it. 

The Type of Roof Currently Installed

One of the reasons you want to have a commercial roof inspection done before buying a commercial building is because the inspector can tell you what type of roofing is currently installed on the roof. Many types of commercial roofing materials look similar from the ground. Commercial roofing can be layered, so there may be more than one type of roofing that is installed on the roof. Each type of roofing presents its own challenges, repair costs, and removal costs. Knowing exactly what type of roofing is currently installed lets you know what issues and costs you may face in the future. 

The Condition of the Current Roof

One of the most important reasons to have a commercial roof inspected before buying a commercial building is, so you know the condition of the current roof. Many commercial roofs are fairly flat or have a low slope to them. This means that you cannot see damage or problems to the roof from the ground. A commercial roofer will walk around the roof, looking for signs of damage to the roof. If damage is noted, you may want to have repairs made to the roof, or have a new roof installed, before purchasing the building or ask for a reduction in the price. This helps to ensure you don't buy a new building and learn a couple of months later you will need costly repairs or a roof replacement. 

The Status of Items Penetrating the Roof

The last reason to have a commercial roof inspection done is that a roofer will inspect the items that are penetrating the roof, as well as the roof. This includes things such as plumbing stacks, vents, chimneys, and the flashing around these items. A roofer is used to seeing these items on the roof, and as such, is able to tell if they may be damaged, rotted, or warped due to water exposure, weather elements, or other problems. If they are, you may want to contact a plumber, HVAC specialist, or chimney repair company to inspect further the item the roofer believes is damaged. 

Commercial roofs typically have shorter lives and need more maintenance than residential roofs. As such, it is extremely important to have a commercial roof inspected before you buy it. This helps you to know what type of roof is installed, what condition the roof is in and how old the current roof is. All of this can be used to ask for repairs or reduce the price before you buy the building if roof work is needed. 

For more information, contact your local commercial roofing services.