A Traditional And Long-Lasting Roofing Choice

If you've admired the look of those Terracotta roofs on houses in your area, there is a good reason for their popularity. These roofs call to mind sunny climates and harbor Spanish or Mediterranean influences. They not only look lovely but also are far more hardy and long-lasting than other roofing materials. Read on to learn more about the many attributes you can expect when you go with a tile roof.

Why is Tile so Strong and Resilient?

Tile is so strong and resistant due to its features:

It Resists Fire

These types of roofs have been around for so long that they may be one of the oldest known roofing materials. They aren't just for warm climates, either, you can find these distinctive soft coral roofs everywhere from Bavaria in Germany to the rooftops of London. Having a tile roof gives your home the highest class of fire resistance, which is Class A.

It Lasts a Very Long Time

Tile roofs are more expensive, but it may be the last roof you ever put on your home so the expense can be allocated. These types of roofs can last longer than 50 years, and that is just the warranted time-span. Depending on your climate your tile roof may last even longer than that.

It's Not Affected by Weather

The sun and Mother Nature can put most roofs through a lot, but a tile roof can withstand rain, hail, wind, the heat, ultraviolet rays of the sun and more without showing any effects. You should take into account that wind-borne objects flying through the air, as in a tornado or hurricane, might cause breakage to some tiled areas.

Two Main Types of Tile to Know About

With more roofing choices available than ever before, you might want to have a good understanding of the two main types of tiles. You can choose either concrete tiles or clay tiles, and they both have a number of benefits.


If you are budget-minded, roofing tiles made of concrete may be perfect for you. Prices can be as little as 50% less than that of clay tiles, but the positives don't stop there. Concrete tiles have an almost magical ability to take on the look of other much sought-after types of roofs and are available in a wider variety of colors and designs.


If longevity is your goal, you cannot beat clay tiles. Both concrete and clay tiles last a very long time, but traditional clay tiles last even longer than concrete. If you live in a hot climate, roofs with clay tiles stand up to that heat better than concrete does, which means that the color of the tile doesn't fade over time. Kiln-fired clay has a superior colorfastness.

To learn more about tile and other roofing options, speak to a professional roofer. For more information, contact a company like Maynor Roofing & Siding Co for more information and assistance.