Did Hail Just Rain Down On Your Roof? Know The Damage It Might Have Caused

As a homeowner, it can be frustrating to watch a hail storm leave small marks all over your roof without any way to stop it. However, know that there may be more than cosmetic damage caused by hail. There are other ways that hail can cause damage to a roof, and it may be a reason to get professional roof repair services

The Granules May Be Missing

Asphalt shingles are manufactured with small granules on the surface. They provide your roof with protections from various wear from the weather and UV damage. The effect of hail raining down on a roof can cause those granules to become loose and come off the shingles.

Start by looking next to your downspouts after a hail storm. Do you see a collection of tiny granules right where the gutter ends? Sometimes these granules don't make it into the downspout, and are still trapped in the gutter itself due to debris blocking the way. Getting out the ladder and looking into the downspouts can tell you just how much actual damage was caused by the hail.

Missing those small granules will eventually increase the amount of wear that your shingles face. They'll be more likely to crack and curl, which put the material in a weak state that is susceptible to damage from the wind.

The Shingles May Be Cracked

The force that a single piece of hail has behind it can be enough to crack a shingle. If this happens, water will eventually seep into the roof deck and cause water damage to your attic. When this type of damage is ignored, it can be quite costly to repair down the road when you notice that water damage has taken place.

Thankfully, cracked asphalt shingles are easy to fix or replace. If you have a box of replacement shingles ready to go, it will just require having a roofer do the job of removing the old shingles and replacing them with new ones. The cracked shingles can also be repaired with roofing tar over the crack. All you need is enough tar to stop water from seeping through, and you'll have the protection you need to keep your home dry.

These are just a couple of ways that hail can cause damage to your roof. If it looks like your home was hit pretty hard, contact a local roofing contractor for help with a roof inspection.