Roofing Challenges You May Face During The Winter

The winter season can be harsh on your roof, especially if the roof is aging and weak. Here are some of the specific threats your roof may face during the winter season.

Ice Damming

An ice dam forms when water running off the roof re-freezes on the edges of the roof if the edges are colder than other parts of the roof. The ice then traps water behind it, and this water can penetrate the roof or backup under the roofing shingles and cause damage.


The risk of experiencing roof leaks increase during the winter season, and there are many reasons for this. For example, during the winter, snow and ice tend to accumulate on the roof, and they keep the roof continuously wet as they melt. The constant moisture on the roof can penetrate and leak through it, especially if the roof is old. Leaks also occur when ice dams form or when storms damage some parts of the roof.

Weight of Snow

If your region experiences particularly heavy snowfalls during the winter season, then you should also be worried about the weight of snow on your roof. There is only so much snow your roof can handle, which means too much snow on the roof can damage the roof or even collapse it. The risk of roof damage depends on various factors such as the weight of the snow, the age of the roof, the condition of the roof, the pitch of the roof, the construction of the roof, among other things.

Storm Damage

There are countless ways in which a storm can damage your roof.  For example, a storm can fell trees or tree branches that can crash through your roof, strong winds can lift sections of your roof of the entire roof, and a hailstorm can crack or break your roofing shingles.  What is more, the damages, if not promptly repaired, expose your roof to further damage from the weather elements.

Vent Blockage

During the winter, it is also possible for snow, ice and storm debris to block your roof vents. This would interfere with the operation of the roofing vents, which include controlling humidity and getting rid of stale air.

The good news is that a properly maintained roof will not suffer too much during the winter season. Therefore, ensure your roof is well maintained and inspect it just before the winter season kicks in to prevent any nasty surprises the winter season may have on your roof. Contact a company like Pyramid Roofing Inc for more information and assistance.