Gutter Care And Repair Tips

One of the parts of your home's roof that you want to pay attention to is the gutter. The rain gutter is what captures the rainwater after it falls from the roof and steers it to a downspout which them carries it to the drop off where it then gets steered away from the structure. If anything goes wrong with your gutters, then it can cause a variety of problems for you, ranging from roof damage to staining of your exterior walls and even flooding at the base of the home. Here are many tips to help you keep your gutter system working as it is supposed to:

Spot problems on your own – An important part of being a homeowner is knowing what to look for and not letting the first signs of problems slip by you. Catching certain issues early on can be the difference of taking care of them easily, or letting them go until they lead to major roof repairs. Some of the things to look for that can indicate gutter problems include the sudden pooling of water on the ground, right under the eave of the roof, the development of stains on the home's exterior, water pooling out the sides of the downspout or water coming out of the seams of the gutter.

Look for leaves or sticks protruding from the gutters – Make a conscious effort to look up at your gutters when you are outside. If you see leaves or sticks protruding out of the top of the gutters, then it means it is time to clean them. You have a lot of choices with regards to how you do this. You can hire someone to come clean your gutters. Or, you can climb on the roof and scoop them out with gloves on, climb on a ladder and remove the debris, suck it out with the hose of a wet/dry vac or even use a claw remover designed for the job.

Have cracks repaired – If you look up to see leaves or sticks poking out the seams of the gutters or downspouts, or you see rainwater making its way out of them, then it means the gutter should be repaired in that area, so the gutter seems are aligned and connected properly.

Have dents repaired – If you notice dents in the gutters or downspouts, they should be taken care of as soon as possible. The dents will allow more debris to gather in the gutters, stopping the flow of water from moving through the gutter system the way that it should. Eventually, the mixture of that debris and the heaviness of the water will put more stress on the attached gutters and it will allow rainwater to run down the side of the house.

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