Four Of The Biggest Roofing Misconceptions That Get Homeowners Into Trouble

One of the building blocks of our homes is the roof above our heads. Without a functioning roofing system, you are exposing your home to the outdoor elements, including rain, harsh UV rays from the sun, and extreme energy loss. However, there are so many misconceptions about roofing that gets homeowners into trouble, including having to spend too much on repairs or replacement because of improper roof care. Here are four of the biggest misconceptions homeowners must disregard about the roof over their head:

"My Roof Will Last Forever" 

This is an unfortunate misconception because it is simply untrue. This misconception stems around the fact that many people believe that a roof will last about as long as their time spent living in the home without being touched. This, however is only true if the roof is properly maintained. A roof cannot last if you are not getting it inspected and repaired when needed at least once a year. If you are doing these things, then yes it's possible your roof will actually last the whole time you are living in your home without having to be replaced. 

"It Will Take Too Long to Replace the Roof"

This is probably the number one reason people avoid scheduling to have their roof replacement done. There is a fear that they will be put out of their home for way too long until the replacement is complete. However, this is not the case if you are hiring the right professionals to replace the roof. In fact, roof replacement can even be done in one day, if not then only up to two. 

"My Homeowners Insurance Will be Canceled"

There's another misconception that your homeowners insurance policy will be canceled if you replace the roof over your head. However, this is not the case since there are laws in many states that protect homeowners from having this happen to them. After all, living under a roof that needs replacement is extremely risky and dangerous. 

"All my Repairs Will be Covered Under my Warranty"

This get homeowners in trouble because it ends up that they do not save money to pay for roof repairs that may be needed in the future. Your warranty will usually only provide coverage for certain repairs and only if you are properly maintaining the roof. If you have been negligent to your roof, then chances are the warranty will be void. 

When you write off these four misconceptions, you provide better protection for your home entirely since the roof makes up a huge part of the foundation of living comfortably in your home. Contact a roofing contractor for help.