Three Metal Roofing Myths

Regardless of whether it is a business or a residential property, having a metal roof can be an extremely effective option for those that are looking to replace their current roof. Despite this being a cost-effective option, you may not give it serious consideration due to a lack of awareness about the various myths that are often shared about this style of roof.

Myth: Metal Roofing Will Start To Corrode Soon After It Is Installed

Many individuals may be concerned about installing a metal roof due to concerns about it being suspectable to developing corrosion. A metal roof will have a couple of different types of protection to help minimize this type of issue. For example, the metal used in these roofs is powder coated so that it will be extremely resistant to developing rust. Furthermore, you can supplement this protection by adding a sealant to the roof every few years. Together, these steps will greatly reduce the risk of the roof developing severe corrosion problems.

Myth: A Metal Roof Will Be Much Louder Than A Traditional Shingled Or Tiled Roof

Most individuals want the interior of their homes to be as peaceful and quiet as possible. This desire can lead to people avoiding metal roofing due to the assumption that it will be much louder than other types of roofing. Yet, a properly installed metal roof should be comparable in noise levels to traditional roofs. You can further reduce the amount of noise that enters your home by supplementing the insulation that is in the attic.

Myth: A Metal Roof Will Not Be Suitable For Areas With Extreme Weather

The roof of your home will be subjected to rather intense conditions due to being exposed to the elements. For those that live in areas that experience particularly harsh weather due to storms or temperature extremes, it may seem as though a metal roof will be an inferior choice. Yet, these roofs are extremely durable, and they may even be better suited to handle these conditions. For example, the metal that is used in this style of roofing will be extremely resilient against various types of storm damage, such as hail and high winds. In addition to being highly resilient against storm damage, a metal roof will also be fairly easy to repair in situations where it does suffer some damage. This is due to the roof being composed of a series of panels that can be easily removed and replaced.

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