Commercial Roofing Does Not Have To Be Aluminum: Other Options

Commercial roofing is often thought of as aluminum planks bolted to metal trusses, such as the kind you see on warehouses. However, commercial roofing encompasses a lot more than that. Here are some more commercial roofing materials, as well as a clearer definition of commercial roofing.

On Flat Roofs

Tar and Gravel

Gravel is poured and leveled on a flat roof. It can be left as-is, since the gravel filters water away from the top of the roof and channels it down to the drains in the roof. It can also be tarred (covered in asphalt), to strengthen the roof and prevent water damage during heavy rains or winters where there is an excessive snowfall.

Rubber and Shingles

Flat roofs can be layered with rubber roofing and/or shingles as well. If you choose this option, you need to decide if you are going to just lay the rubber on or if you are going to add shingles over the top of the rubber layer. The rubber is your water protectant layer, which is why it can be installed by itself. The shingles just add a finished look, but because no one but those flying overhead will see it, commercial consumers opt to skip it.

Sloped Roofs

Tile Roofs

Sloped commercial roofs are well-suited to tile roofing. In fact, it provides a very attractive look for any business or retail building. You can choose from terracotta tiles and stone tiles for a unique look.

Shaker Shingle or Wood Slat Roofs

There are a lot of commercial buildings that also employ wooden shaker shingle or wood slat roofs too. These kinds of roofs lend a more rustic or ethnic look to a business, but that is perfect if your business happens to be camping goods or outdoor sporting goods. Sometimes these roofs look really nice on businesses that specialize in quilting or knitting supplies too. It just depends on the look and/or the impression you are going for.

Clearer Definition of Commercial Roofing

In truth, commercial roofing refers to any roofing that touches a business or commercial location. As such, the above roofing options apply, regardless of the fact that these consumers are businesses. You should never feel as though you have to stick to just one type of roofing because you are a business owner and that is how you see a commercial roof. Step out of the comfort zone of aluminum roofing when you want, and try something a little different.

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