The Perks Of Ceramic Roofing Tiles

There are very few exterior upgrades as dramatic and effective as installing a new roof. Often, homeowners are forced to install a new roofing material due to natural aging and deterioration of their existing product. Also, roofs can get damaged by water, termites, and rodents, forcing the homeowner's hand. No matter what your reason for investing in a new roof, you want to choose a new material that will suit all your needs, from maintenance to energy efficiency. This article explains why ceramic tiles are such a great choice for just about any homeowner.

Ceramic Tile Styles

First of all, consider the look of ceramic tiles. Simply put, ceramic tiles can be found in any style. They're also made in a variety of shapes, from small mosaic tiles to large shingles. Ceramic tiles are completely synthetic, and they have faux finishes with realistic prints and textures. So no matter what material you want, there's probably a ceramic tile option on the market.

If you want wood shingles, there will be a realistic-looking ceramic tile option. If you want natural slate, you can find the the style in ceramic. If you want a Spanish tile roof, there will be a ceramic option. Basically, ceramic products come in a variety of styles because they are so affordable, efficient, durable, and easy to produce. Simply put, since they are so popular, manufacturers are able to make them in any style.

Low Maintenance and Efficiency

In almost every case, the maintenance required for a ceramic tile is going to be far less than that of the material that it is replicating. For instance, wood shingles are susceptible to termite and moisture damage. You don't have to worry about any of this with ceramic tiles. But ceramic tiles are not only popular because they are so easy to take care of.

Homeowners also love ceramic tiles because they are energy efficient. Ceramic tiles are made to fit the insulation requirements of different climates. That is, homeowners shopping for a tile in Alaska will have a different set of choices than those shopping in Florida. The insulation values vary, and products with greater insulation are generally more expensive. This is a huge advantage because some natural products aren't very energy efficient in certain climates. For instance, Spanish tiles aren't great insulators. However, if you want a ceramic tile with style of a Spanish tile, you can find one with the proper installation to match your cold weather requirements. Basically, ceramic tiles allow homeowners in certain climates to have the style of products that would otherwise be very impractical to own.

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