Water Damage And Your Roof: 3 Tips To Help Find Leaks And Repair Them

Leaks that go unattended to on your roof cause a lot of problems. As the water begins to find its way into your home, water damage leads to mold and serious structural problems. It is important to have the leaks and small repairs done when they are needed to avoid these problems. Here are a few maintenance tips that will help you prevent leaks on your metal roof:

Inspecting Your Roof for Leaks in Areas That Are Prone to Problems

There are many areas of your roof that are prone to problems, such as valleys, walls, and chimneys. The boots around mechanical vents and eaves of your roof are also susceptible to damage. Inspect around any areas that have flashing for signs of water entering your home. For the boots around mechanical installation, inspect them to ensure they are not worn or cracked and need to be replaced. In addition, check the eaves for wear due to ice dam damage and the ridges for signs of leaks.

Repairing the Small Leaks That Come from Punctures and Tears in Shingles

Many of the leaks on roofs are small punctures and tears in shingles. Nails beneath roofing in decking often work loose and puncture shingles. Remove nails puncturing shingles and repair the leak by patching it with roofing cement. For the tears in shingles, you can repair them by using a bead of roofing cement, if they are not leaking. If there is a leak from torn shingles, then they should be replaced, but roofing cement is a good temporary leak-stopper until you can replace them.

Finding Damaged or Missing Shingles That Need to Be Replaced to Prevent Leaks 

The damaged or missing shingles on roofs are often the cause of problems growing. Inspect your roof for these problems and replace the shingles. The damaged shingles are often caused by the wind, which causes tears or blows shingle up breaking them. Use a flat-bar to work the damaged shingle up and remove the nails; replacing it with a new shingle. Other damage may include pitting or damage from foot traffic on roofing. Replace any shingles that have obvious signs of damage where you can see where granules are missing.

These are some tips to help you find leaks and repair them before they lead to serious damage to your home. Contact a roofing contractor like Emerald Roofing to help with inspecting your roof for damage and completing any repairs that are needed.