3 Areas Of Roof Penetrations And Flashings That Will Need Maintenance And Repairs

The roof of your home is full of penetrations, flashing and other materials that are not part of the roofing. These systems have boots, fasteners and water barriers to help stop leaks. These are also some of the areas where you are most likely to have leaks develop. Here are some tips that will help you take care of areas with penetrations, flashing and fasteners:

1. What to Do When Vent Boots Wear Out and Crack

Vents on your roof have boots that are installed on them, which are a type of rubber or metal material that slips over plumbing and other mechanical systems. Over time, the rubber or metal on boots will wear out and crack. When the boots on your home become damaged, it is time to install new boots and ensure that they have a good seal around them. As a temporary solution until a roofer can help with the repairs, use roof caulking to seal around the cracked areas of boots that are leaking.

2. Using the Right Screws for Materials Fastened to Your Roof

Are there TV antennas, satellites or other objects fastened to your roof?  These are materials that fastened to your roof with screws, which if they do not have rubber gaskets on them, they may leak. In addition, rubber gaskets can also wear out and need to be replaced. If there are any materials that are fastened with exposed nails, remove the nails and replace them with fasteners that have rubber gaskets to prevent leaks on your roof.

3. The Old Metal Roof Flashing That Is Beginning to Decay and Corrode

The flashing that is used on most roofs is a type of thin galvanized tin material. When your roof is new, the metal flashing works just fine, but the metal may wear out and decay over time. Inspect areas that have flashing often for leaks. In areas that get more wear, you may want to consider using a reinforced rubber membrane to help protect against leaks. When there are leaks that start, you can patch them up with roofing tar to stop them. Roofing cement is only a temporary solution to the problem and the flashing will eventually need to be replaced.

These are some tips that will help you deal with the leaks that develop around flashing and roof penetrations. Contact a roofing contractor like Bellerose Roofing & Siding to help with repairs to leaks before they cause serious damage to your home.