Bought an Older Commercial Building? Tips to Fix up the Exterior for Your Business

If you purchased an older commercial building for your business, you should take time to fix it up before you open your doors. Start with the exterior, as this is the first thing people see when they drive up to your business. If the exterior does not look good, this will give them a first bad impression of you and your company. Below are two things you can start out with to get your business started.


Hire a commercial roofing contractor like Top Dog Roofing to inspect the roof for you. Because the building is old, the roof may also be aged. If the roofer finds a lot of damage, they will likely suggest you replace the roof. In some cases, you can have the roof restored depending on what it is made of.

Restoring is upgrading the roof that is already on the building. This can be done with a variety of roof types, but the most common types of roofing include metal, pre-painted steel, metal tiles, and concrete tiles. The roofer can tell you if they can restore your current roof. This will be less expensive than replacing the entire roof.

Restoration can extend the life of your current roof by many years. It is also eco-friendly as you are keeping the old roofing materials out of the landfills. Make sure you do this sooner than later, because if your roof is very damaged, the roofer could not restore it.


If the current siding is dirty and looks run down, you can try to clean it. In some cases, this is all you need to restore the beauty.

To make things easier, you can pressure wash the siding to get it cleaned quickly. Use the soap wand and a detergent that works well for the type of siding that you have. Start at the top and hold the wand at an angle. Move the wand back and forth across the walls, making your way down.

When you have finished, put clean water in the pressure washer and spray the siding again to rinse off the detergent. If you have any stained areas or built-on dirt, you will have to do these by hand with a rag and cleaner.

Once you finish with the roof and siding, consider more that you can do. For example, check the windows to make sure they are in good condition and hire a landscaper to landscape your property.