How To Design A Deck For A Flat Roof

One of the advantages of having a flat roof is that the extra space can be used for other things. For example, the flat roof can be a location where a deck can be constructed for other activities, such as partying, and it can even be used as an additional spot for a garden. 

Build A Structure For The Deck

The flat roof is not designed to be walked on frequently. Occasionally walking on the flat roof can be useful if you need to perform maintenance or repairs, but if the roof will hold a large number of people, it will be necessary to construct a structure that will serve as the location for the deck. Placing a granulated top sheet is not enough to protect the roof from anything other than foot traffic. If someone places a chair on the deck and moves the chair around, there will be a tear soon.

Float The Deck Over The Roof

When installing a deck, it is important to make sure that the deck floats rather than having it fastened to the roof. The pressure of the deck sleepers on the roof can be responsible for leaks. Make sure that modified bitumen is applied to the roof in two layers to make sure that the roof sleepers do not damage the rest of the roof. Rubber pads should be used to keep the sleepers separate from the roofing material. Rubber may not be enough if there is heavy foot traffic because it can become squashed. Therefore, it might make sense to instead use epoxy and several layers of glass cloth. The deck posts should also be coated with epoxy. 

Slope The Deck Toward A Drain

Regardless of how you construct the deck, make sure that it has a slight slope. It is important that the water does not simply pool on the roof where it can cause damage. The slope will need to guide water toward an edge where the drain is located.

Hire Roofing Contractors

Constructing a deck for a flat roof is a major project. If it is not constructed properly, there is a risk that this may cause damage to your roof. You may need serious modifications to your roof in order to be able to get onto the deck safely in the first place. Therefore, it is important to consider hiring roofing contractors rather than performing this task yourself. To find out more, contact someone like DiRoma Roofing.