3 Keys For Properly Examining Your Roof This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to inspect your roof; the weather should be nice enough for you to do repairs and it is good way to spot winter wear to your roof. Here are three key areas you want to check as you inspect your roof this spring.

#1 Roof Valley

One of the areas that you want to focus on are the roof valleys. These are the areas on your roof where the water runs down and the sides meet. They literally look like a valley; two different sides angle together and help direct the water off of your roof.

Since so much water is directed down this portion of your roof, it can get worn out faster than other parts of your roof. These are the areas of your roof that are most likely to experience wear and tear and lead to water damage.

As you check the roof valleys, pay attention to the color of the shingles. Are the shingles a different color than the rest of the shingles on your roof? That is an easy sign that the shingles are worn-down and need to be replaced.

Second, touch the shingles on your roof valley. Do they feel smooth? Are they lacking the texture the other shingles on your roof have? The texture on the shingles in your roof valley tend to wear away at a faster rate; if all the texture is gone, you need to replace the roof valley shingles.

#2 Chimney & Vent Pipes

The second area that you need to focus on when you inspect your roof is around the chimney and vents on your roof. These areas generally have shingles custom-cut around them, and often have caulking around the edge to ensure a tight seal between your chimney and vents and the rest of your roof.

When you look at your chimney and vents, make sure that the caulking material that keeps these sealed to the roof is not cracked or chipped away. If it is, more caulking material needs to be applied to these areas of your roof.

#3 All Shingles

Make sure that you look at the general condition of all of your shingles. Note where any shingles are missing from your roof; these will need to be replaced immediately. You are also going to want to keep an eye out for shingles that are cracked, split, curled up or look like they are worn down; you'll want to replace any shingles that look like that as well in order to keep your roof in the best condition possible and to ensure that water doesn't leak into your home. 

For help with residential roofing repairs, call a local roofing contractor.