Four Reasons To Upgrade To Spray Foam Insulation In Your Attic

Has the insulation in your attic begun to look a bit discolored and compacted? It's definitely time to replace it. But while you could just remove the current layer of insulation and roll out a new layer of fiberglass, there is a better option: spray foam. Spray foam insulation has to be applied by a professional, and it is a bit more costly than fiberglass. However, there are many benefits to experience when you upgrade to spray foam.

Your roof will last longer.

Spray foam simply does a better job of insulating than does fiberglass. This means less heat escapes through the roof of your home, which is far better for your roof.

Heat damages your roof in several ways. First, the constant warmth, when it's a contrast to the outdoor temperature, can lead to buckling and curling shingles. Second, the warmth can cause snow on the roof to melt and drip down to the edge, forming large ice layers that work their way under shingles and peel them off the roof. With spray foam, you have fewer of these issues, so your roof will last longer and require fewer repairs. For info about whether or not your lack of insulation is leading to roof problems, contact a roofing contractor in your area.

You won't have issues with rodents.

Rodents, including rats and mice, love building nests out of fiberglass insulation. Even new fiberglass is appealing to them. Once they're in the attic, getting rid of them is quite a challenge -- plus you then have to deal with their urine and feces, which can negatively impact your air quality and spread diseases. Spray foam insulation is stiff and hard; mice and rats can't tear it apart and build nests in it.

You'll save on energy.

As mentioned above, spray foam is a more effective insulator than fiberglass. This means less heat will be wasted, so your energy bills will go down. Even in the summer, the spray foam will keep heat from traveling through your roof and into your home, lowering your AC costs. This is great for your wallet, but even more importantly, it is good for the planet since energy production generally involves the use of fossil fuels.

Moisture will be less of an issue.

Even a small roof leak can be a major calamity when you have fiberglass insulation. The water will soak the insulation, causing it to mold, and then you have to replace the insulation again. Spray foam is water-resistant. Water rolls right off of it! If you do have a minor roofing leak, you won't have to replace your insulation or worry about it getting moldy.