3 Questions To Help Choose The Best Home Siding For You

Choosing new siding for your home is exciting because it gives you a chance to give your home a facelift. There are tons of differing types of siding materials, however, so how do you pick the right one for your preferences? These three questions will help guide you in making your decision.

What Is Your Budget?

When remodeling a home, everyone has a budget, but some are larger than others. So start by determining how much you can and want to spend on siding. Vinyl siding is one of the least inexpensive materials to purchase and install, costing between $0.65 and $2.00 per square foot. On the other hand, brick, brick veneer and stone are more expensive, costing about $4.00 to $6.00.

You must consider your long term budget too. Will you have enough money to replace the siding again at some point in the future? Unfortunately, the sidings that are the least expensive to install, such as vinyl and aluminum, last the least amount of time, so you may have to replace them again in your twilight years when you're on a stricter budget. More expensive siding options, however, can last the rest of your life and beyond.

How Much Maintenance Are You Willing to Do?

Different types of siding require different levels of commitment on your part to keep the material well maintained and looking its best. Vinyl, metal, brick and stone come with the least amount of work. Simply clean them off about once a year. Vinyl siding is prone, however, to mold in shady, moist areas, and it can crack easily when struck if there is no backing. Engineered wood siding is also somewhat easy to maintain, but it requires painting, and the edges can decay when exposed to weather.

Natural wood siding, such as wood shake, log siding and wood/cedar siding, requires the most maintenance to keep it safe from the elements and insects. You'll need to paint or stain it every few years to protect against rot. You'll also need to routinely check for infestation, and if bugs are discovered, seek assistance from an exterminator immediately. If you do discover a damaged area, however, it is quite simple to replace it with the exact same wood.

Do You Like to Change Tour Home Color Often?

If you can't commit to the same color of house for the long haul, vinyl and metal siding are not for you. While it is possible to paint these surfaces, it is not recommended because it's just difficult and impractical to do so. Both come in a wide variety of colors, but you are stuck with what the manufacturer offers, so if you want something different, you're out of luck. On the bright side, if you can commit to a color, you don't ever have to worry about painting.  

Unfortunately, because you can't paint vinyl and metal, if a piece is damaged, you may have a hard time matching a patch in the right color. One reason may be that the manufacturer no longer makes that color, so you may want to purchase some extra material to save. However, metal and vinyl are susceptible to fading in sunlight, so even if you do have some extra material stored in your dark garage or shed, it may still not quite be the right shade because the house color has faded slightly.  

Whatever siding you choose, just make sure you are prepared to do the legwork to keep it looking amazing. Even an expensive siding won't last long without proper care. For more information about siding options, contact a contractor like D&M Roofing & Guttering, Inc